Why Email Is So Hard to Get Right

Insights into the challenges in email production and how to overcome them.

Nathan Welch, Executive DIrector - plōvr

6/15/20232 min read

Email is one of the most important marketing channels for businesses of all sizes. However, it can also be one of the most difficult to get right. There are a number of reasons for this, including:

  • Lack of coding standards. There are no universally accepted coding standards for email, which can make it difficult to create emails that look the same on all devices and email clients.

  • Inconsistent support amongst email programs, apps, and webmail. Different email programs and apps support different features and functionality. This can make it difficult to create emails that work on all devices and platforms.

  • Outdated or unwieldy workarounds. There are a number of outdated or unwieldy workarounds suggested on the web for creating emails that work on all devices and platforms. These workarounds can be time-consuming and difficult to implement.

  • Involves many disciplines and roles. Email marketing is not just about coding and design. It also involves copywriting, operations, and list management. This can make it difficult to coordinate everyone involved in the process and ensure that everyone is on the same page.

  • Fear of the email not looking exactly the same on all clients holds designs back to the least-capable email clients, such as Microsoft Outlook. Many email marketers are afraid that their emails will not look the same on all clients, so they design their emails to look the same on all clients, even if it means that the emails look bad on some clients.

Good for your subscribers. Good for the bottom line.
Despite these challenges, there are a number of benefits to having a greater understanding of email. Emails that are well-designed and coded can increase customer engagement, improve usability, and reduce costs.

Leverage the latest email features
There are a number of new techniques and features available for email marketing, such as dark mode, CSS3 features, and video. These features can be used to create more engaging and visually appealing emails. However, it is important to use these features with caution, as they may not be supported by all email clients.

Increase customer engagement & ROI
Customer engagement will increase due to better readability, aesthetics and content. Emails that are well-written and well-designed are more likely to be read and engaged with by customers. This is because they are easier to read, more visually appealing, and more relevant to the customer's interests.

Email development doesn't have to be a mystery or a source of frustration. By understanding the challenges, embracing best practices, and leveraging the right tools like plōvr, professionals can unlock the full potential of email as a powerful marketing and communication channel. Embrace the opportunities that come with a deeper understanding of email, and watch as your engagement rates soar.