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Discover our comprehensive suite of products and services designed to simplify your email production process and enhance your email campaigns. At plōvr, we offer a range of solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of your business.

plōvr UX

Simple, powerful, and modern email design

Discover plōvr UX, our flagship product that revolutionizes the way you create email templates. Designed to be simple to learn and use, plōvr UX leverages your team's existing development and design knowledge. With comprehensive documentation and a focus on evolving best practices and compatibility, it empowers you to create stunning and engaging email templates effortlessly.

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plōvr Migrate

Transform your email portfolio with ease

Experience the power of plōvr Migrate, a turnkey solution for modernizing your email portfolio. Our expert team will refactor your email templates, modularizing them for easy reuse and enabling you to create new email campaigns effortlessly. Enhancements like video integration, dark mode support, and more will breathe new life into your email marketing strategies.

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plōvr Integrate

Seamless connections to your workflow & ESP

Efficiency and effectiveness go hand in hand with plōvr Integrate. Our integration coding and consultation services ensure that plōvr seamlessly integrates into your in-house or chosen Email Service Providers (ESPs). From customized and extendable modules to integration with subscriber lists, measurement, and automation workflows, plōvr simplifies the process and empowers you to achieve your email marketing goals.

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plōvr Solutions

Comprehensive support for your email needs

At plōvr, we go beyond providing products. With plōvr Solutions, we offer ongoing support for all aspects of your email requirements. Whether you need assistance in adding enhancements or creating new campaign templates, guidance on best practices and ESP selection, or training for your employees on plōvr UX, our dedicated team is here to ensure your success every step of the way.

Features & Benefits

Empower your email marketing

Unlock the full potential of your email campaigns

With plōvr, you have the tools and expertise to unleash the true power of your email marketing initiatives. From creating captivating templates to transforming your portfolio and seamlessly integrating into your workflow, plōvr empowers you to drive higher engagement, increase ROI, and achieve your business objectives with confidence.